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CAPS is helping a family that has an urgent need. The Casper family reached out to CAPS struggling to pay their rent. They currently owe two months’ rent, total of $1870. CAPS is going to pay one month, but they still have a lot of need. The mother was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer at the end of 2021, and they have three children ranging in age from 5-8. They are behind in rent because the father had a cut in hours, trying to take care of the mother, along with taking care of the children. The mother has finished all her radiation treatments, but it is difficult to make it to the future appointments because they had a car accident, and don’t have the money to repair the car. She said the car repair will be around $1000. The mother is looking into getting her pancreas removed hoping she won’t need any more chemotherapy. After she has this surgery, their hope is for her to be able to work again and the father to be able to work full time so they can get stabilized. We just heard that they received a disconnect notice for their water.